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Award-winning singer-songwriter Dave Dale always feels a good one coming on! By the time he has finished on stage, he has spun fans into a frenzy and had quite a bit of fun himself! Having written songs for a number of Nashville-based country and contemporary Christian artists, some of his show might even sound familiar!


No matter if you hail from the bluegrass hills of his Old Kentucky Home, or reside on the sandy beaches of some forgotten seaside island, he will take you there and back in style. His “Cornbread and Coconuts” duo tour is an expertly mixed cocktail of acoustic music featuring tropical rock, oldies, and in his words, “real” country – straight out of his daddy’s radio. If the mood strikes, he will treat you to a few powerful originals from his early days of performing on Fort Myers Beach and in Key West, and Dave might just sweeten the deal with a set of sunset blues. 


The best part of music is making something happen.


And seeing if you can move the audience as a group.


Based in Dothan, Alabama, Dave’s roots cut deep ruts in the back roads of Hardin County, Kentucky. Before his singing show took off he played fill-in rhythm guitar for “The House,” and “Soup Bean Mafia.”


Today, when he is in his hometown, Dave picks up with the trio, coined by a local newsman as, “4 Chords and The Truth” and is joined by two of his high school classmates, ‘Dr. Phil’ Wiseman, of, “Rich and The Metro City All-Stars” in the drum pocket and ‘Professor’ Ron Mace, formerly of “The Runarounds,” who stars in his own show, “Random Sample,” on bass guitar.


Other groups have included “Skarekrow,” with which Dave recorded and opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd and “Dealer Choice” that brought rock-a-billy back across the southeast.

When Dave couldn’t convince his bands to play a set of Buffet – that a Parrothead can crow to, he stepped out on his own at Smiley’s Acoustic Café and the Terrace in Greenville, South Carolina. He put a band together called, “Gone Coastal” at the same time, and still finds Lewis Solesby, for lead guitar and Steve ‘The Hurricane’ Katin on harps, when he heads that way.


His short list of standout venues includes Bluebird, Tootsies, Legends in Nashville, and the Boot Hill mountain stage.  He can also slap on some fame as the lead entertainer for Brewfest on St. George Island and songwriter with Major Bob Publishing, Inc.

He has also appeared beside Billy Ray Cyrus and his love of collaboration is still a bewildering buffet of talent.  He is a regularly invited artists to the many Parrothead festivals around the country.


In Dothan, Dave hauls  percussionist ‘The Sinister Minister’ Josh Hicks on African djembe while the bottom funk is held down by former “ACOUSTIX” bassist, and uber talented, Brian A. Smith spinning the stand-up along for the perfect ride, known as the “Cornbread2Coconuts.” Dave’s combo has put Toad Lick, Slocomb Tomato Festival and Yadda Abba Festivals as well as many private, corporate and wedding events on their collective resume and there’s more where that came from.


The only constant is Dave. 


He beats out a few boogie-woogie chords from a custom six-string, starts tapping his toes on his trusty stomp box and the crowd can only imagine what comes next! Usually, Dave doesn’t even know! He may ask where you’re from, hand over a tambourine and invite your table to sing along! 


Dave’s clincher is the only thing certain. Cranking up, what he calls, “a little bit of church,” with his amplified twists on gospel favorites will have you dancing your socks off on the way out!


He will already be riding his iron pony into towns across Alabama to points south along the Forgotten Coast of Florida, strolling through Mississippi, gigging in Georgia or picking up a night or two up in Tennessee. He always seems to find his way home to Kentucky too where friends and family pack the places Dave always makes a few new memories in.


Put him in a craft beer taproom, front and center on a festival stage or prop Dave on the back porch for a gathering of friends, and good times are coming.


Pour yourself a drink, hold onto your date, and leave the swinging doors open for him because this ‘Double D’ dog is coming in to rock the cat – from the cradle – all the way to the coast to let you experience paradise for a little while.




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